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   Radon investigations in Czechoslovakia III
    Český geologický ústav
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    Česká republika
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    Correlation between radon in soil gas and local geology - some remarks
    Detailed radon risk mapping in the Teplice agglomeration
    Enrichment of radon-222 in water during groundwater treatment processes
    The estimation of the risk of radon invasion from the basement into buildings in the multidedded geological environment
    Permeability and Rn-222 concentrations in soil gas - case studies
    Possibilities of radon-222 removal in groundwater treatment for drinking purposes
    Radon in public water supplies of South Bohemian Region
    The tectonic control of high Rn-222 in durbachites near Milevsko (Central Bohemia, CSFR)
    Temporal variations of soil gas radon concentration
    Variation of radon volume activity in soil air in a year climatic cycle