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   Seismic waves in complex 3-D structure. Report 16
    Charles university
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    Comment to "qS-waves in a vicinity of the axis of symmetry of homogeneous transversely isotropic media", by M. Popov, G. F. Passos, and M. A. Botelho [Wave Motion 42 )2005) 191-201]
    Determination of moment tensors from borehole data: a numerical analysis
    Inversion for anisotropy from non-double-couple mechanisms of micro-earthquakes induced during the 2000 injection experiment at the KTB site, Germany
    Non-double-couple mechanisms in weak transverse isotropy
    Retrieval of source parameters of an event of the 2000 West Bohemia earthquake swarm assuming an anisotropic crust
    Time-averaged and time-dependent energy-related quantities of waves propagating in inhomogeneous viscoelastic anisotropic media