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   Styles of superposed Variscan nappe tectonics. Abstracts
    Geologický ústav ČSAV
    Ústav nerostných surovin
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    Kutná Hora
Datum vydání
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    Česká republika
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    40 Ar-39 Ar dating of the Inner Carpathians variscan basement and superposed alpine mylonitic overprinting
    The Brzeg-Nysa shear zone: an example of Variscan transpression in the easternmost part of the Fore-Sudetic Block
    Cadomian magmatic events in the Bohemian Massif - U-Pb data from felsic magmatic pebbles
    Central Carpathian Fault System
    Complex structural and metamorphic evolution of the Svratka crystalline unit
    Contrasting behaviour of subduced continental crust: Comparision of the French Massif Central and the Bohemian Massif
    Development of Veĺká Fatra Mts. zoned pluton: field, geochemical and isotopic study
    Ferrodiorite from the Český Krumlov varied group near Černá v Pošumaví (Moldanubikum, Bohemian Massif): petrology, geochemistry and deformation
    Geochemistry of Variscan metasedimentary basement units in the Oberpfalz Area (NE Bavaria, FRG)
    Inverted metamorphism and PTt paths in the Moravian zone
    Kinematics and structural evolution of the Saxothuringian/Moldanubian boundary at the W border of the Bohemian Massif (Germany)
    Late Variscan-Alpine Structure of the North-Veporic Zone in the Central Western Carpathians
    Late-Variscan Extensional Collapse in South Bohemian Moldanubian Zone
    Magnetic anisotropy and strain in nappes of E Moravia
    Melt enhanced deformation and development of banded structures in Gfoehl migmatites
    Metabasites in the area of L. Kynžvart, Lazy and Prameny W. from the Mariánské Lázně metaophiolite complex and problem of Saxothuringian-Teplá-Barrandian terrane boundary
    Metaconglomerate in gneiss of the NE part of the Desná unit : Case study of the external Moldanubian Zone. Abstracts
    Metamorphic inverted zonation in the Moravian zone of the Svratka dome
    A method for determination of crystallographic preferred orinetation of feldspars in porphyry magmatic rocks
    Microstructural development of deformed granitic rocks in the Orlica-Klozko dome
    Moldanubian Pluton as an example of the Late Variscian crustal magmatism in the Moldanubian zone
    P-T evolution and tectonic setting of granulites of the Ohře (Eger) crystalline
    Petrology of the Bíteš orthogneiss of the Svratka Dome
    Pohorelá transpression zone (North Veporicum, the West Carpathians)
    Polymetamorphism of the Kutná Hora crystalline complex
    Polyphase tectonics and metamorphism of the external part of the Moldanubian zonr - case study of the Kutná Hora Crystalline Complex
    The role of the epi-Variscan basement in the Alpidic tectonic evolution of the Central Western Carpathians
    The S-vement Hercynian transport in the Saxothuringicum, N. Bohemian Massif
    Significance of the Complete Set of Events in the Moldanubian Zone
    Simple method for fold shape estimation from compass data
    Some results of structural research of Svratka Crystalline Unit
    Structural relation of the Moldanubian and Moravian nappes at the southern closure of the Svratka dome
    Tectonic evolution of the Hlinsko zone (Bohemian Massif)
    Tectono-metamorphic evolution of the saxothyringian eclogites (Central Erzgebirge): a record of superposed nappe tectonics
    Terrane boundaries in the Sudetes: results of Variscan ductile shearing
    Transition from convergence to escape: field evidence from the West Carpathians
    Variscan internal/external tectonics in N Moravia 1.Research plans and preliminary results
    Variscan internal/external tectonics in N Moravia 2. Crystalline nappes of the Hrubý Jeseník Mts.
    Variscan nappes in the Alpine structure of the West Carpathians
    Variscan superposed tectonics in marginal parts of the Bohemian Massif