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   Crowley, Quentin
Autor monografie
   Crustal provenance and Early Palaeozoic continenal break up of N Gondwana: A Nd isotope and REE study of (meta)granitoids from the pre-Variscan basement, n Bohemian massif, Central Europe
   Sources, emplacement environmnets, and metamorphic evolution of metagabbros in the Mariánské Lázně Complex and Teplá Crystalline Unit (NW Bohemian Massif).
Autor článku
   Geochemical discrimination of metasedimetary sequences in the Krkonose-Jizera terrane (West Sudetes, Bohemian Massif): Palaeotectonic and stratigraphic constraints
   Lu-Hf geochronology and trace element distribution in garnet: Implications for uplift and exhumation of ultra-high pressure granulites in the Sudetes, SW Poland
   The Mariánské Lázně Complex, NW Bohemian Massif: development and destruction of an early Palaeozoic seaway