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   Fottová, D.
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   Acidification of forest soils developed on the Říčany granite and on cenomanian sandstones of the Černokostelecko region - trends in the mobilization of selected minor and trace elements
   Biogeochemical fluxes of manganese in a Central - Bohemian forested catchment on granite bedrock
   Biogeochemistry of Beryllium in an Experimental Forested Landscape of the Lesní potok Catchment in Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
   Distribution, cycling and impact of selected inorganic contaminants in ecosystem of the Lesní potok catchment, the Czech Republic
   Factors affecting the content of heavy metals in bulk atmospheric precipitation, throughfall and stemflow in Central Bohemia, Czech Republic
   Factors affecting the content of heavy metals in total atmospheric deposition, throughfall and stemflow in central Bohemia, Czech Republic
   Forest vegetation affecting the deposition of atmospheric elements to soils
   Groundwater quality development in area suffering from long term impact of acid atmospheric deposition - the role of forest cover in Czech Republic case study
   Human and Climate- Induced Changes in the Surface Stream Activity Affecting the Element Cycling
   The Precipitation Chemistry over Central Bohemia: Attempt to Estimate the Sources and Pathways
   Recent trends in bulk deposition of As, Be, Cd, Cu, Mn, Pb and Zn over central Czech Republic
   Vliv metabolitů lesní vegetace na chemismus throughfallu