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   Gottesmann, Bärbel
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   Are the granites of the Aue-Schwarzenberg Zone (Erzgebirge, Germany) a major source for metalliferous ore deposits? A geochemical, Sr-Nd-Pb isotopic, and geochronological study
   A new graphical presentation and subdivision of potassium micas
   On Li-bearing micas: estimating Li from electron microprobe analyses and an improved diagram for graphical representation
   Permo-Carboniferous subvolcanic rhyolitic dikes in the western Erzgebirge/Vogtlandt, Germany: a record of source heterogeneity of post-collisional felsic magmatism
   Sekaninaite from the Satzung granite (Erzgebirge, Germany): magmatic or xenolithic?
   Sphalerite composition and ore genesis at the Tumurtijn-ovoo Fe-Mn-Zn skarn deposit, Mongolia
   The Zinnwald greisen deposit related to post-collisional A-type silicic magmatism in the Variscan Eastern Erzgebirge/Krušné hory