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   Heat flow and structure of the lithosphere (4. : 09.06.1996-15.06.1996 : Třešť, Česká republika)
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    Anomalously low HFD in Eastern Karelia, Russia - an indication of exceptional paleoclimate, fluid circulation or very low crustal heat production
    Climate areas in Europe derived from long-term meteorological records
    Climate change in Slovenia inferred from borehole temperatures
    Cold period before the recent ground surface warming (GST) in Western Canada - evidence from inversions from temperature logs
    Combined effect of topography and hydrogeology on subsurface temperatures: an example from the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
    Extracting GST history from geothermal logs in a complicated structure in Outokumpu, Eastern Finland
    Ground surface temperature history from the South Urals
    Ground surface temperature history inferred from borehole temperature logs, examples from the Czech Republic and central Europe
    Ground temperature history in Romania inferred from borehole temperature data
    Heat flow map of Europe and its interpretation
    Past climate changes consistent with the present extent of the permafrost in the West-Siberian platform
    Temperature, precipitation and solar radiation, hole GFU-1 in years 1996-96