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   Kukkonen, I. T.
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   Anomalously low HFD in Eastern Karelia, Russia - an indication of exceptional paleoclimate, fluid circulation or very low crustal heat production
   Climate change of the last 2000 years inferred from borehole temperatures: data from Finland
   Extracting GST history from geothermal logs in a complicated structure in Outokumpu, Eastern Finland
   Geothermal studies of the Outokumpu Deep Drill Hole
   Geothermal studies of the Outokumpu Deep Drill Hole, Finland: Vertical variation in heat flow and palaeoclimatic implications
   Heat flow and the structure of the lithosphere. Preface
   Numerical modelling of permafrost in bedrock in northern Fennoscandia during the Holocene
   Palaeoclimate and structure: the most important factors controlling subsurface temperatures in crystalline rocks. A case history from Outokumpu, Eastern Finland
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    Outokumpu Deep Drilling Project 2003-2010