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   Novotný, O.
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   Comprehensive geophysical research of the seismogenic western part of the Bohemian Massif
   European macroseismic scale (up-dated MSK scale)
   Identification of Moho reflections from quarry blasts at short epicentral distances
   Interpretation of the dispersion curves of short-period rayleigh waves observed in the west Carpathians
   Location of the "calibration" blast Jakubčovice and of two local tectonic events in the Ostrava region
   Mean vertically inhomogeneous models of the uppermost crust along seismic profiles in the Ohře rift and Moravo-Silesian region
   Moho reflections from strong near quarry blasts: an example for the central Ore Mountains, Czech Republic
   Note of the direct computation of geodetic distances and azimuths on an ellipsoid of revolution
   Preliminary results of polynomial and rational approximations of some empirical dependences
   Recent earthquakes in the Orlik reservoir region
   Recent geodynamics of West Bohemia in relation on the crustal structure (unique natural laboratory)
   Seismic experiment searches for active magmatic source in deep lithosphere, Central Europe
   Seismic measurements along short profiles in western Bohemia during the Celebration 2000 experiment
   Seismic regime of the West-Bohemian earthquake swarms region
   Shallow crustal structure of the Central Bohemian Pluton, Czech Republic, inferred from refraction measurements
   Some aspects of application of the Wiechert-Herglotz method to refraction data from western Bohemia (2004)
   Some features of seismic waves observed in the territory of Northern Moravia and Silesia
   Some Features of Seismic Waves Observed on the Territory of Moravia and Silesia
   Variations in discharge and temperature of mineral springs at the Frantiskovy Lazne Spa, Czech Republic, during a nearby earthquake swarm in 1985/1986
   Verification of the shallow seismic crustal structure of the western Krušné Hory crystalline unit, Czech Republic
   Vertically inhomogeneous models of the upper crustal structure in the West Bohemian seismoactive region inferred from the CELEBRATION 2000 refraction data