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   Petr, Václav
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   60th birthday of Rudolf J. Prokop
   65th birthday of Dr. Rudolf J. Prokop
   Animal extinctions in the fossil record : A developmental paradigm
   Anomální geomagnetická pole vnitřního původu při východním okraji Českého masívu
   Anomální rozložení variací geomagnetického pole při východním okraji moldanubia (oblast Třebíče)
   British metaphysics as reflected in Robert Broom's evolutionary theory
   Camouflage and mimicry in fossils. 1 : general part
   Carpocrinus ornatus (Angelin, 1878) (Crinoidea, Camerata) from the Silurian of the Barrandian area (Czech Republic)
   Chemical composition of the crinoid skeletal remains (Echinodermata) in weathered limestones of the Bohemian Lower Devonian (Barrandian area)
   Contribution of the MTS to the Study of Lithosphere in Central Europe
   Decacrinus Bohemicus sp.n., (Criniodea, Col.) from the Lower Devonian Koněprusy Limestone, Barrandian Area (Czech Republic)
   Dr. Rudolf Jan Prokop - 70th birthday : Rudolf before his employment at the National Museum, Praha
   Earths magnetic field variations and geomagnetic induction characteristics
   Echinoderms in the Bohemian Ordovician
   Eutaxocrinus capella sp. n. (Crinoideia, Flexibilia) from the Bohemian Lower Devonian (Zlíchovian)
   First find of edrioasteroids (Echinodermata) in the Bohemian Devonian (Barrandian area)
   First find of Ophiocistioids (Echinodermata) in the Bohemian Lower Devonian
   The first occurrence of a "brittlestar bed" (Echinodermata, Ophiuroidea) in Bohemia (Ordovician, Czech Republic)
   Gemnacrinus perplexus n. gen., n. sp. (Crinoidea, ?Camerata or ?Inadunata) from Lower Devonian of Bohemia
   The generic affiliation of Bohemian asaphid trilobites (Trilobita, Beroun Stage, Ordovician, Czech Republic)
   The genus Pygmaeocrinus Bouška, 1947 (Crinoidea, Inadunata) in the Devonian of the Barrandian Area (Czech Republic)
   Geoelektrické charakteristiky na styku základních geologických bloků v ČSSR
   How the Echinoderm Chnaged Its Symmetry or On the search for common mechanisms to generate the archetypal forms
   Induction vector estimates in the Bohemian massif and the transition zone to the Carpathians
   Isolated skeletal ossicles of a new brittlestar of the Family Cheiropterasteridae Spencer, 1934 (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) in the Lower Devonian of Bohemia (Czech Republic)
   Isolated skeletal ossicles of the crinoid family Catillocrinidae Wachsmuth et Springer, 1866 in the Devonian of Bohemia (Czech Republic)
   Isolated vertebrae of brittlestars of the family Klasmuridae Spencer, 1925 (Echinodermata: Ophiuroidea) in the Devonian of Bohemia (Czech Republic)
   Jak druhy vymírají
   Kamufláž a mimikry u barrandienských trilobitů?
   Kuzbassocrinus cf. bystrowi Yeltyschewa, 1957 (Crinoidea, col.) from the Lower Devonian Koněprusy Limestone of the Barrandian area
   Letenocrinus longibrachialis gen. et sp.n. (Echinodermata, Paracrinoidea?) z českého středního ordoviku
   Main Zones of Geoelectrical Anomalies in Europe
   Marhoumarcrinus legrandi, gen. et sp. n., (Crinoidea, Camerata) from Upper Silurian - lowermost Devonian of Algeria
   New finds of isolated cup plates of the crinoid genus Edriocrinus in the Bohemian Lower and Middle Devonian
   New flexible Crinoids from the Silurian and Devonian of the Czech Republic. Lecanocrinus Hall, 1852 (Crinoidea, Flexibilia) in the Bohemian Silurian and Lower Devonian
   New flexible Crinoids from the Silurian and Devonian of the Czech Republic. Taxocrinus sp. (Crinoidea, Flexibilia) in the Middle Devonian of Moravia (Czech Republic)
   New microcrinoids from the Třebotov Limestone of the Bohemian Lower Devonian (Dalejan-Upper Emsian)
   New Silurian and Devonian crinoid taxa from Bohemia
   Nižší nebo vyšší?
   A note of the phylogeny of scyphocrinitid crinoids
   Plasiacystis mobilis, gen. et sp.n., a strange "carpoid" (Echinodermata, ?Homoiostelea: Soluta) in the Bohemian Ordovician (Czech Republic)
   Pleurocystitidae indet. (Cystoidea, Rhombifera) in the Bohemian Devonian (Czech Republic)
   Remarks on palaeobiology oj juvenile scyphocrinitids and marhoumacrinids (Crinoidea, Camerata) in the Bohemian uppermost Silurian and lowermost Devonian
   Revision of morphology and ecology of Bohemura jahni Jaekel, 1903 (Ophiuroidea, Protasteridae) from bohemian Middle Ordovician
   Second find of crinoid "Vletavicrinus haueri" Waagen et Jahn, 1899 in Přídolí Limestone, Upper Silurian, Barrandian Area (Czech Republic)
   Survey of echinoderms and a new ophiocistioid Branzoviella talpa gen. et sp. n. (Echinodermata, Ophiocistioidea) in the Lower Devonian, Lochkov Formation of the Barrandian area, Czech Republic
   Synchirocrinus cf. hanusi Prokop, 1970 from the Koněprusy Limestone (Lower Devonian, Barrandian, Bohemia)
   Timocrinus gen.n. (Crinoidea, Inadunata) from the Lower Devonian of Bohemia
   Torrocrinus grandis gen. et sp.n.(Crinoidea) from the Lower Devonian Koněprusy Limestone of the Barrandian area (Czechoslovakia)
   Two new species of brittle-stars (Ophiuroidea, Protasteridae) from the Upper Ordovician of Bohemia
   Type specimenns of fossils in the National Museum, Prague vol.2, palaeozoic crinoidea, supplement 1991-1997
   Zones of Geoelectrical Inhomogeneities