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   Sucharda, Zbyněk
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   Adhesion and growth of human osteoblast-like cells on polyamide - polysiloxane - hydroxyapatite composites
   Biocompatibility optimization of fabric composites by calcium phosphates
   Bioinspired nanocomposite structures for bone tissue regeneration based on collagen, gelatin, polyamide and hydroxyapatite
   Bioinspired nanocomposite structures for bone tissue regeneration with gelatin nanofibres
   Biological Evaluation of Polydimethylsiloxane Modified by Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles for Potential Application in Spine Surgery
   Characterization of the Interphase in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymeric Composite by a Modulus Mapping Test
   Comparison of mechanical properties and structural changes of continous basalt and glass fibres at elevated temperatures
   Composite material based on aramid fibers and polysiloxane matrix modified by ydroxapatite nanoparticles
   Composite materials based on glass fabrics and siloxane matrix as substitutive and connective elements of bones in orthopaedics
   Composites based on polysiloxane matrix and polyamide fabric as the bone raplacement
   Design for a filler of an intervertebral cage for spine treatment on the basis of fibers and particulate composites
   Development and optimization of manufacture process for heat resistant fibre reinforced ceramic matrix composites
   Effect of nano/micro particles of calcium phosphates on the mechanical properties of composites based on polysiloxane matrix reinforced by polyamide
   Effect of Sterilization Processes on the Fiber/Matrix Interphase Properties of CF/PDMS Composite to be used in Orthopaedics
   The effect of the storage time of the matrix precursor on the mechanical properties of the fiber composite
   Effects of thermal ageing on the static and cyclic mechanical properties of carbon fibres/PDMS composites for use in medicine
   Fracture properties of basalt fibre composites with cured or pyrolysed matrix
   Influence of nanoparticles additivies on mechanical properties of fabric reinforced composites
   The Influence of Steam Sterilization Processes on the Micro- and Macromechanical Properties of Polyamide Fiber-Reinforced PDMS Composites for Medical Device Applications
   The influence of sterilisation on the macromechanical properties of polyamide fibre-reinforced PDMS composites for orthopaedic applications
   Křehké chování kompozitů s čedičovými vlákny po expozici v horkém vzduchu
   Mechanical and fracture properties of basalt fibre reinforced composites
   Mechanical behavior of polymer-matrix biocomposites modified by nano/micro additives
   Mechanical behavior of polysiloxane matrix - based composite reinforced with basalt fibres at elevated temperatures
   Mechanical behaviour of aramid fibers/polysiloxane matrix composites modified by bioactive nano/micro particles
   Mechanical properties of basalt fiber reinforced composites prepared by partial pyrolysis of a polymer precursor
   Mechanical properties of basalt fibre reinforced composites prepared by partial pyrolysis of a polymer precursor
   Microstructure and mechanical properties of heat resistant composites reinforced with basalt fibres
   Mikrostruktura a mechanické vlastnosti tepelně odolných a chemicky stálých kompozitů vyztužených čedičovými vlákny
   Modification of composite materials by bioactive additives
   Monitoring of curing process of siloxane resin by dielectric analysis
   Nanoindentation characterisation of poly(DL-lactide)/collagen nanocomposites
   Nanoindentation Testing of Composite Based on Collagen and Poly(DL-Lactide) Nanofibers
   Nanowear Testing of Composite Materials
   Návrh biokompozitu pro náhrady tvrdých tkání s přihlédnutím k jejich osseointegraci
   Optimalisace kontinuálních výrobních procesů kompozitů metodou dielektrické analýzy
   Optimalisace pultruzního tažení kompozitů metodou dielektrické analýzy
   Partially pyrolyzed composites with basalt fibres - Mechanical properties
   Particulate composites based on nano HA/TCP particles for bone graft replacements
   Porous composite materials with polyamide reinforcement and siloxane matrix with nano-hydroxyapatite as biomaterials
   Properties and performance of polysiloxane-derived ceramic matrix in heat resistant composites reinforced with R-glass or fine ceramic fibres
   Relation between Mechanical Properties and Pyrolysis Temperature of Phenol Formaldehyde Resin for Gas Separation Membranes
   Strength, elasticity and failure of composites with pyrolyzed matrices based on polymethylsiloxane resins with optimized ratio of D and T components
   Support for the initial attachment, growth and differentiation of MG-63 cells: a comparison between nano-size hydroxyapatite and micro-size hydroxyapatite in composites
   Synthesis of curable siloxane and silazane resins and their conversion into nanostructured silicon oxycarbide glasses and foams
   Thermomechanical properties of continuous basalt fibers for composites