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   Bábek, O.
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   Brunovistulian terrane (Bohemian Massif, Central Europe) from late Proterozoic to late Paleozoic: a review
   Combined tectonic-sediment supply-driven cycles in a Lower Carboniferous deep-marine foreland basin, Moravice Formation, Czech Republic
   Controls on Development of Asymmetric Fining-Upward Megacycles in a Generally Fine-Grained Turbidite System of the Moravice Formation, Moravian-Silesian Culm Basin
   Early Middle Frasnian platform reef strata in the Moravian Karst interpreted as recording the atmospheric dust changes: the key to understanding perturbations in the punctata conodont zone
   The gross environmental phenomenon of the classical Pragian stage (hot lowstand)
   Impurity phases in Large-Scale platform-reef limestone complexes, their change with deposition time and diagenesis, and implications for MS-stratigraphic records: all with particular reference to devonian of the Moravian Karst area (Brunovistulian terrane, E border of Bohemian Massif)
   Litofacie a fosilní stopy jemnozrnného turbiditního systému v jižní části moravického souvrství jesenického kulmu, Český masiv
   Lower Carboniferous ichnofabric of the Culm facies: A case study of the Moravice formation (Moravia and Silesia, Czech Republic)
   A multiple-parameter approach to analyzing the mid-punctata zone anomalous signatures in pure limestones (Moravian Karst, Brunovistulian terrane, central Europe)
   New paleomagnetic results from Devonian of Moravo-Silesian zone: implications for dating tectonioc deformation
   Nové stratigrafické údaje z bouzovského a západodrahanského kulmu. 2, 2. roťník. 2, 2. roťník
   Nové stratigrafické údaje z bouzovského a západodrahanského kulmu (New stratigraphic data from the Bouzov and West Drahany Culm)
   Petrophysical proxies of Middle Devonian sea-level oscillations from outcrop and subsurface; Moravo-Silesian carbonate platform, Czech Republic
   Progressive drowning of carbonate platform in the Moravo-Silesian Basin (Czech Republic) before the Frasnian/Famennian event: facies, compositional variations and gamma-ray spectrometry
   Relationships between magnetic susceptibility of limestones and sea level change ("direct relationship and major crises on the Earth")
   Stratigraphic significance and resolution of spectral reflectance logs in Lower Devonian carbonates of the Barrandian area, Czech Republic; a correlation with magnetic susceptibility and gamma-ray logs
   Structure and thermal alteration of Moravo-Silesian zone, Czech Republic
   Trace Fossils as Indicators of Depositional Sequence Boundaries in Lower Carboniferous Deep-Sea Fan Environment Moravice Formation, Czech Republic
   Trace fossils of the Moravice Formation from the southern Nízký Jeseník Mts. (Lower Carboniferous, Culm facies; Moravia, Czech Republic)
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    Central European Meeting of Sedimentary Geology : abstracts
    Central European Meeting of Sedimentary Geology : an international conference : abstracts