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   Buda, G.
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   Compositional variation of biotite from Variscan granitoids in central Europe: a statistic evaluation
   Geochronological evidence for the derivation of the Mecsek Mountains, South Hungary, from Variscan Central Europe
   Na-Sanidine Megacrysts from the Shavarin Caram Volcano, Mongolia
   Na-sanidine megacrysts from the Shavarin Caram volcano, Mongolia
   Petrochemistry of Variscan granitoids of Central Europe: Correlation of Variscan granitoids of the Tisia and Pelsonia Terranes with granitoids of the Moldanubicum, Western Carpathian and Southern Alps. A review: Part I
   Rock-forming minerals of alkaline volcanic series associated with the Cheb-Domažlice Graben, West Bohemia
   Zircon typology, geochronology and whole rock Sr-Nd isotope systematics of the Mecsek Mountain granitoids in the Tisia Terrane (Hungary)