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   CONGEO 2005 - Geography in Europe of Regions (22.08.2005-26.08.2005 : Luhačovice, Česká republika)
Konference monografie
    Geography in Europe of Regions
Konference článku
    Actual problems of life in small Moravian towns as perceived by their inhabitants
    Changing functions of agriculture in small towns during the 20th century. Case study Klimkovice
    Euroregions in the Czech Republic
    Floods and other natural hazards in regional and investment planning of small towns
    Housing quality as perceived by inhabitants of two residential areas in Brno: Trnitá and Komenského Sq
    Importance and Evaluation of Greenery in Some European Cities
    Problems of the Second and Third Stage of Local Public Administration Reform in the Czech Republic (example of the South Moravian Region)
    Regional atlases and atlases of big cities
    Regional geography of small towns. Case study Luhačovice