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   Drahoš, Jiří
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   Arching Structures in Granular Sedimentary Deposits
   Cavities Formation in Sedimentary Deposits
   Flow Behavior of Model Suspensions.
   Flow Behavior of Model Suspensions
   Parameters Affecting Process of Particles Sedimentation
   Parameters Affecting Process of Particles Sedimentation(2. Campaign)
   Pattern in Sedimentary Deposits of Geomaterials.
   Rheological Properties of Geological Material.
   Rheology of Liquid-Solid System.
   Spatial Distribution of Particles and Cavities in Sedimentary Deposits
   Stromatactis and stromatactum pattern formation in sediment: constraints from fluid mechanics and rheology and implications for environments, sedimentary architecture and cyclostratigraphy
   Viscometry of Geological Materials.
   Viscosity Characteristic of Model Suspensions
   Viscosity Characteristics of Geological Suspensions