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   Dušek, Michal
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   Adolfpateraite, K[(UO2)(SO4)(OH)(H2O)], a new uranyl sulphate mineral from Jáchymov, Czech Republic
   Antiferrodistortive phase transition in EuTiO3
   Crystal chemistry of the natural uranyl carbonate mineral grimselite, (K, Na)3Na[(UO2)(CO3)3](H2O), from Jáchymov, Czech Republic
   Crystal structure of a synthetic tin-selenium representative of the cylindrite structure type
   Crystal structure of natural orthorhombic Ag0,71Pb1,52Bi1,32Sb1,45S6, a lillianite homologue with N = 4; comparison with gustavite
   Crystal structure of pseudojohannite, with a revised formula, Cu3(OH)2[(UO2)4O4(SO4)2](H2O)12
   Leydetite, Fe(UO.sub.2./sub.)(SO.sub.4./sub.).sub.2./sub.(H.sub.2./sub.O).sub.11./sub., a new uranyl sulfate mineral from Mas d'Alary, Lodeve, France
   The mineral marrucciite: monoclinic Hg3Pb16Sb18S46
   Revision of the crystal structure of kettnerite CaBi[OFCO3]
   The role of silver in the crystal structure of pyrargyrite:single crystal X-ray diffraction study
   Simultaneous refinement of two components of an exsolution intergrowth: crystal structures of the lindströmite - krupkaite pair
   Švenekite, Ca[AsO2(OH)2]2, a new mineral from Jáchymov, Czech Republic
   Švenekite, Ca[AsO.sub.2./sub.(OH).sub.2./sub.].sub.2./sub., a new mineral from Jáchymov, Czech Republic