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   Edel, J. B.
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   AMS record of brittle dilation, viscous-stretching and gravity-driven magma ascent in area of magma-rich crustal extension (Vosges Mts., NE France)
   An Andean type Palaeozoic convergence in the Bohemian Massif
   Cadomian terranes, wrench faulting and thrusting in the central Europe Variscides: geophysical and geological evidence
   Crustal influx, indentation, ductile thinning and gravity redistribution in a continental wedge: Building a Moldanubian mantled gneiss dome with underthrust Saxothuringian material (European Variscan belt)
   Large Late-Variscan paleomagmetic overprinting on granitoids in southern Bohemian Massif (Austria)
   Large rotations of the internal Variscides (from the Armorican Massif to the Bohemian Massif) during the Carboniferous convergence. New paleomagnetic data from the Bohemian Massif
   Late Variscan palaeomagnetic overprint on granitoids in southern Bohemian Massif (Austria)
   Model of successive granite sheet emplacement in transtensional setting: Integrated microstructural and anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility study