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   Eurock 2005. Impact of Human Activity on the Geological Environment (18.05.2005-20.05.2005 : Brno, Česká republika)
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    Eurock 2005. Impact of Human Activity on the Geological Environment. Proceedings
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    A comparative study of influence of temperature on granites from India and Czech Republic
    Conical strain gauge probes for stress measurement
    Deformation of the surface ground induced by process of inundation of worked out areas after termination of underground mining exploitation
    Example of modeling of the mining induced seismicity impact on the building using numerical system Plaxis
    Influence of a new building construction on sewer tunnel lining durability
    Large-scale modelling of T-M phenomena from underground deposition of the spent nuclear fuel
    Rock bursts during reduction of coal production in Ostrava-Karvina coalfield
    Rock cutting by pulsing water jets
    Rockbursts in longwall gates during coal mining in Ostrava-Karviná basin
    Shaping of rock specimens for testing of uniaxial tensile strength by high speed abrasive water jet: First experience
    Stress State Determination and Prediction in Rock Mass with Rockburst Risk in Ostrava-Karvina Coal Basin