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   European Palaeobotany-Palynology Conference (7. : 06.09.2006-11.09.2006 : Prague, Česká republika)
Konference článku
    Carboniferous and permian noeggerathialean plants and their spores; preliminary report
    Carboniferous ferns from Boslovian, Kladno formation, Czech Republic
    A comparison of pecopterids from several European localities and Canada (Asturian-Stephanian)
    Cystosporites and Cappasporites-bearing Lycopsid fructifications and their parent plants from the Bohemian coalfields, Czech Republic
    Division of carboniferous lycospores
    Early Normapolles evolution in the Upper Cretaceous, Cenomanian and Turonian, in France and the Czech Republic
    Ferns of the Bohemian and their in situ spores
    Micropalaeontological (Palynological) Records of the Ohře Rift
    Palynology of the Bohemian part of the Intra-Sudetic Basin (Bashikirian-Kasimovian B), Czech Republic
    Palynomorph distribution and new palaeoenvironmental data (Upper Turonian, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin)
    Paratingia sp. nov. and Tingia sp. nov. a new noeggerathialean plants and their spores from the Permian of Wuda District, Inner Mongolia, China
    Phylogeny and relationship of some isoetalean spores from the Devonian to the present
    primitive gallery forest from the Intrasudetic Basins (Duckmantian, Czech Republic)
    Proposal of the new classification of Palaeozoic Sphenophyllalean cones
    Reproductive organs and anatomical structures of Zeilleria Zodrovii sp. nov. from the Late Pennsylvanian of the Pilsen Basin, Czech Republic
    Sternbergites gen. nov., a new sub-arborescent isosporous compression-lycopsid from the Pennsylvanian of the Czech Republic
    Vegetation changes and development dynamic on the example of the palyno-assemblages in the Cheb Basin, Western part of the Ohře rift, within 40.4 MA to 1.8 MA (summary stratigraphical profile from the western part of the Ohře Rift, Czech Republic - palaeogene to Pliocene)