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   Finger, Fritz
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   The Bavarian phase of the Variscan orogeny: Relations between migmatites and granites and potential causes for crustal melting
   Early Carboniferous blueschist facies metamorphism in metapelites of the West Sudetes (Northern Saxothuringian Domain, Bohemian Massif)
   The generation of voluminous S-type granites in the Moldanubian unit, Bohemian Massif, by rapid isothermal exhumation of the metapelitic middle crust
   Hyperpotassic granulites from the Blanský les Massif (Moldanubian Zone, Bohemian Massif) revisited
   Low-pressure granulites of the Lišov Massif, Southern Bohemia: Viséan metamorphism of Late Devonian plutonic arc rocks
   The metabasite bodies of the Moldanubian Zone in Lower Austria: geochemistry and zircon ages
   Petrogenesis of the South Bohemian granulites: the importance of crystal-melt relationships
   Polymetamorphic evolution of pelitic schists and evidence for Permian low-pressure metamorphism in the Vepor Unit, West Carpathians
   Resolving the Variscan evolution of the Moldanubian sector of the Bohemian Massif: the significance of the Bavarian and the Moravo-Moldanubian tectonometamorphic phases
   The Saxo-Danubian Granite Belt: magmatic response to post-collisional delamination of mantle lithosphere below the south-western sector of the Bohemian Massif (Variscan orogen)
   Varieties of Eisgarn granite in the Plöckenstein area (South Bohemian Batholith) and their petrogenesis
   The Waidhofen Amphibolite Body in the Moldanubian Zone of Lower Austria: a relic of Proterozoic Avalonian crust
   Wall-Rock-Derived Zircon Xenocrysts as Important Indicator Minerals of Magma Contamination in the Freistadt Granodiorite Pluton, Northern Austria
   Whole-rock geochemistry and genesis of the granulites from the Gföhl Unit (Moldanubian Zone of the Bohemian Massif, Austria and Czech Republic)
   Whole-rock geochemistry of felsic granulites from the Gföhl Unit (Moldanubian Zone, Austria and Czech Republic): petrogenetic implications