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   Franke, Werner
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   Accretion of first Gondwana-derived terranes at the margin of Baltica
   Cambrian vs. Variscan tectonothermal evolution within the Teplá-Barrandian: evidence from U-Pb zircon ages of syn-tectonic plutons (Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic)
   Deep seismic reflection profiling and implications for the exhumation of HP/HT rocks in the Saxothuringian Belt
   Exhumation of HP rocks in the Saxothuringian belt : Sedimentary and tectonic record
   Geodynamic Evolution
   Neue Einblicke in ein altes Gebirge - die variscide Kruste in Mitteleuropa
   A review of recent geochemcal and structural evidence for major Paleozoic rifting and re-assembly within the Bohemian Massif
   Saxothuringian zone in Germany and Poland: difference and common features
   Shear zones in granitoids as a structural control of the development of leucodioritic bodies (central Bohemian pluton)
   Stratigraphy. Autochthon and Nonmetamorphic Nappe Units. Saxothuringian Basin
   Stratigraphy, Structure and Igneous Activity. Exotic Metamorphic Nappes. Saxothuringian Basin
   Structure and evolution of the Bohemian Arc
   Structure. Autochthon and Nonmetamorphic Nappe Units. Saxothuringian Basin
   Tectonic and plate tectonic units at the North Gondwana margin: evidence from the Central European Variscides
   Terrane boundaries in the Bohemian Massif: Result of large-scale Variscan shearing
   U-Pb single grain dating of detrital zircon in the Cambrian of central Poland: implications for Gondwana versus Baltica provenance studies
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   Structure. Autochthon. Moravo-Silesian Zone