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   Geomechanics 93. International Conference (28.09.1993-30.09.1993 : Hradec-Ostrava, Česká republika)
Konference článku
    Basic research of waterjet rock and concrete disintegration in Czech Republic
    Contact problem for modelling of bolt action in rock
    A contribution to the characteristics of mineral abrasives for WJC
    Geomechanics 93. Strata Mechanics/Numerical Methods/Water Jet Cutting/Mechanical Rock/Disintegration
    Geotechnical classification of carboniferous rock mass with alteration of the "variegated beds" type
    High pressure abrasive jet cutting using linear stepping movement
    Mathematical modelling of several aspects of high pressure water and abrasive jet action
    The measurement of the non - setting parameters of the high pressure water jets
    Mining induced seismicity in the Czech part of Upper Silesian Coal Basin depending on mining conditions
    Physical and mechanical properties of sediments of coal-rock series
    Physical model of jet - Abrasive interaction
    Regular grids and local grid refinement
    The system H20-CO2-NaCL in natural conditions of the Slaný basin
    Ultrasonic modulation of high-speed water jets