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   Geomechanics 96 (03.09.1996-06.09.1996 : Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, Česká republika)
Konference článku
    Application of high-pressure-water-through bit for rock cutting: Laboratory experiments
    Changes in gas permeability of sedimentary rocks in the process of their deformation and in view of their porosity and structure
    Cutting process of hard rocks and water jet assistance
    Discrete wavelet transform and seismological signals
    Measurement and interpretation of harmonic seismic signals induced by industrial activity
    Methodology of determination of cutting efficiency of abrasive materials in abrasive water jet cutting
    Mineral grain destruction during the process of material disintegration by abrasive water jet
    A parallel CG solver for FE analysis of RD problems in geomechanics
    Physical analysis of the rock disintegration by pressurised water-through-bit
    Rock mass behavior control during exploitation of rockburst prone coal seams - American and Czech approach and experiences
    Straight-line propagation of the deformation wave along rod roofbolt
    Ultrasonically modulated pulsed water jets: Effect of frequency on performance