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   Harzhauser, Mathias
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   Paleogene and Neogene
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   Badenian evolution of the Central Paratethys Sea: paleogeography, climate and eustatic sea-level changes
   Correlation of the Karpatian Stage
   Early ontogeny and palaeoecology of the Mid-Miocene rissoid gastropods of the Central Paratethys
   An Early Pannonian (Late Miocene) transgression in the Northern Vienna Basin. The paleoecological feedback.
   The Ernstbrunn Limestone and Klentnice Beds (Kimmeridgian to Berriasian; Waschberg-Ždánice Unit; NE Austria and SE Czech Republic) and their fauna - a tale of giants and dwarfs
   A giant early Miocene sunfish from the North Alpine Foreland Basin and its implication for molid phylogeny
   Grund - Kellergasse. Exkursion C - Geologie der Umgebung von Hollabrunn
   An integrated stratigraphy of the Pannonian (Late Miocene) in the Vienna Basin
   Integrated stratigraphy of the Sarmatian (Upper Middle Miocene) in the western Central Paratethys
   Miocene Central Paratethys stratigraphy - current status and future directions
   Miocene depositional systems and sequence stratigraphy of the Vienna Basin
   Neogene lake systems of Central and South-Eastern Europe: Faunal diversity, gradients and interrelations
   Paleobiological Characterization of the Karpatian Stage
   Paleogeography of the Central Paratethys during the Karpatian and Badenian
   A revision of the Tonnoidea (Caenogastropoda, Gastropoda) from the Miocene Paratethys and their palaeobiogeographic implications
   The stable isotope archive of Lake Pannon as a mirror of Late Miocene climate change
   Stratigraphy and correlation of the Grund Formation in the Molasse Basin, northeastern Austria (Middle Miocene, Lower Badenian)
   Survey of the Nassariid gastropods in the Neogene Paratethys (Mollusca: Caenogastropoda: Buccinoidea)
   Das Wiener Becken-geologische Betrachtungen