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   IGCP 580 Meeting (1.) : Magnetic susceptibility, correlations and paleoenvironments (02.12.2009-06.12.2009 : Liege, Belgie)
Konference článku
    Detailed magnetostratigraphic and magnetosusceptibilit investigation of J/K boundary in the Tethyan realm
    Dust - atmospherically mediated inputs into sediments: an attempt of geological reappraisal with regard to magnetic susceptibility signal
    An Emsian-Eifelian mixed carbonate-volcaniclastic sequence in Western Ossa-Morena Zone (Odivelas Limestone)
    Frequency dependence of magnetic susceptibility of weakly magnetic sediments: implications for magnetic granulometry
    Magnetic susceptibility correlation of km-thick Eifelian-Frasnian sections (Belgium-Czech Republic)
    Mineralogy of fine-grained non-carbonate particulates embedded in neritic to petagic !imestones, and connection to magnetic susceptibility and gamma-ray signals: a case study based on Lochkovian, Pragian and lower Emsian strata from the Pozar-3 se
    Relationship of magnetic susceptibility with sedimenthological and micromorphological features and geochemical proxy parameters; case study from last Glacial loess deposits in southern Moravia
    Stratigraphic alignment of magnetic-susceptibility
    Using the field dependent susceptibility in determination of basic tuff material in sedimentary record: approaches and constraints