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   IUGG General assembly (21. : 02.07.1995-14.07.1995 : Boulder, Spojené státy americké)
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    Climate change inferred from borehole temperatures: Examples from Central Europe and Russia
    Cylindrical layer of the increased geostrophic shear in Alpha Omega dynamos
    Discrimination between local microearthquakes and quarry blasts by multilayer perceptrons and Kohonen maps
    The first year of digital recording at the Budkov Geomagnetic Observatory
    Genetic algorithms in seismic source parameter retrieval
    History of geophysical research in Czechoslovakia and its main scientific results
    History of geophysics in Czech Republic and some results in the field of global change
    Intelligent inverse and simulation filtering of digital seismograms
    Inversion of shear-wave polarizations to retrieve 3-D anisotropy of continental lithosphere
    Magnetic anisotropy parameters of rocks from KTB main borehole under in situ stress conditions
    Measurement protocols for routine analysis of digital seismic data
    Observations of a strongly magnetic phase in natural hematite material
    Past 250 yr climate reconstruction based on geothermal measurements: Examples from the Czech Republic
    Possible relation between the geomagnetic secular variation and geodynamic processes in Central Europe
    Pressure instability of magnetic susceptibility of pyrrhotite bearing samples from the KTB borehole
    Relation between winter climate changes and geomagnetic or solar activity at different QBO phases
    The rupture process of a great strike-slip earthquake: teleseismic analysis of the Iranian earthquake of 20 June 1990
    Seismic anisotropy of the continental lithosphere
    Seismic anisotropy of the mantle lithosphere as record of the continental growth