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   Klembara, Jozef
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   Discovery of new fauna of marine and terrestrial vertebrates in Devínska Nová Ves
   Electroreceptors in the Lower Permian tetrapod Discosauriscus austriacus
   The external gills und ornamentation of skull roof bones of the Lower Permian tetrapod Discosauriseus (Kuhn 1933) with remarks to its ontogeny
   The first partially articulated amphibian (Temnospondyli: Dissorophoidea) from the Líně Formation (Stephanian C; central Bohemia)
   The first record of pit-lines of foraminal pits in tetrapods and the problem of the skull roof bones homology between tetrapods and fishes
   The latteral line system of Discosauriscus austriacus (Makowsky 1876) and the homologization of skull roof bones between tetrapods and fishes
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   Neue Funde der Gattungen Pseudopus und Anguis (Reptilia, Anguinae) aus drei Pliopleistozänen mitteleuropäischen Lokalitäten
   A new discosauriscid seymouriamorph tetrapod from the Lower Permian of Moravia, Czech Republic
   New finds of Discosauriscus austriacus (Makowsky 1876) from the Lower Permian of Boskovice Furrow (Czecho-Slovakia)
   New finds of the Genus Ophisaurus (Reptilia, Anguidae) from the Miocene of western Slovakia (Czechoslovakia)
   Nové poznatky o najstarších štvornožcoch
   Revision of the anguine lizard Pseudopus laurillardi (Squamata, Anguidae) from the Miocene of Europe, with comments on paleoecology
   The subdivisions and fusions of the exoskeletal skull bones of Discosauriscus austriacus (MAKOWSKI 1876) and their possible homologues in rhipidistians
   Subdivisions fusions and extended sutural areas of dermal skull bones Discosauriscus KUHN (Seymouriamorpha)
   The sutural pattern of skull-roof bones in Lower Permian Discosauriscus austriacus from Moravia