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   Konta, Jiří, 1922-
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   Clay and man: clay raw materials in the service of man
   Clay minerals including related phyllosilicates: interdisciplinary research and inward integration
   Clay science at the threshold of the new millennium : a look at the history and present trends
   Der Goldene Pläner, das häufigste Baugestein im mittelalterlichen Prag
   Hydraulic conductivity and imbibition speed of solid clay aggregates: two different approaches involving the tortuosity of pathways
   Mineralassoziationen in den Schlicken einiger böhmischer Flüsse
   Original mineralogical association and gypsum in Cretaceous black shales, Angola basin
   Phyllosilicates in the sediment-forming processes : weathering, erosion, transportation, and deposition
   Size distribution characteristics in relation to other physical properties of washed Karlovy Vary kaolins