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   Kouba, Jan
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   Determination of geopotential differences between local vertical datums and realization of a world height system
   Differences between mean sea levels for the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans from TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry
   Earth's dimension specified by geoidal geopotential
   Geoidal geopotential and world height system
   A global vertical reference frame based on four regional vertical datums
   Impact of Sumatra 2004 earthquake on geodynamic station GOPE (Czech Republic)
   Long-term variations in the second sectorial stokes harmonics on the basis of TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry between 1993 and 2000
   Mean Earth´s equipotential surface from TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry
   Second tesseral harmonic torque due to the dynamics of the oceanic surface layer as detected by TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry 1993-2000
   Temporal variations in sea surface topography and dynamics of the Earth's inertia ellipsoid
   TOPEX/POSEIDON altimetry and dynamics of the ocean atmosphere system