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   Kozlovskaya, E.
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   3D structure of the Earth's crust beneath the northern part of the Bohemian Massif
   Anisotropic lithosphere under the Fennoscandian shield from P receiver functions and SKS waveforms of the POLENET/LAPNET array
   Joint inversion of multiple data types with the use of multiobjective optimization: problem formulation and application to the seismic anisotropy investigations
   PASSEQ 2006-2008: Passive Seismic Experiment in Trans-Europe Suture ZoneI
   PASSEQ 2006-2008: Passive seismic experiment in Trans-European Suture Zone
   Proterozoic-Archean boundary in the mantle lithosphere of eastern Fennoscandia as seen by seismic anisotropy
   Proterozoic-Archean boundary in the upper mantle of eastern Fennoscandia as seen by seismic anisotropy
   Seismic anisotropy - a key to resolve fabrics of mantle lithosphere of Fennoscandia
   Shear wave splitting as a diagnostic of variable anisotropic structure of the upper mantle beneath central Fennoscandia
   Study of local seismic events in Lithuania and adjacent areas using data from the PASSEQ experiment