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   Lojka, R.
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   The Carboniferous - Permian basins of Central and Western Bohemia, the Krkonoše Mt. foreland and the Bohemian Massif, Czech Republic : part I
   Chemostratigraphic correlation of sediments containing expandable clay minerals based on ion exchance with Cu(II) triethylenetetramine
   Climatic changes in Stephanian C (uppermost Pennsylvanian): sedimentary facies, paleosols, environments and biota of the Ploužnice lacustrine system, Krkonoše Piedmont Basin, Czech Republic
   Environmental response to climatically driven lake-level fluctuations: record from Stephanian B freshwater reservoir of eastern tropical Pangea (Mšec member, Kladno-Rakovník Basin, Central Bohemia)
   Lacustrine couplet-lamination: evidence for Late Pennsylvanian seasonality in central equatorial Pangaea (Stephanian B, Mšec Member, Central and Western Bohemian basins)
   Stratigraphic archive of lake development in the Stephanian B of the Bohemian Massif evidence by molecular composition and pyrolytic properties of organic matter