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   Loydell, D. K.
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   The Early Ludfordian leintwardinensis graptolite Event and the Gorstian-Ludfordian boundary in Bohemia (Silurian, Czech Republic)
   Generalized graptolite zonal sequence defining Silurian time intervals for global paleogeographic studies
   Gladiolites geinitzianus Barrande, 1850 (currently Retiolites geinitzianus; Graptolithina): proposed designation of a neotype
   Graptolite and conodont biostratigraphy of the upper Telychian-lower Sheinwoodian (Llandovery-Wenlock) strata, Jabalon River section, Corral de Calatrava, central Spain
   The Hirnantian graptolites Normalograptus Persculptus and "Glyptograptus" bohemicus: stratigraphical consequences of their synonymy
   Lower Silurian 'hot shales' in North Africa and Arabia: regional distribution and depositional model
   Origin, sequence stratigraphy and depositional environment of an Upper Ordovician (Hirnantian) deglacial black shale, Jordan-Discussion
   Revision of the Silurian Graptolite Genus Retiolites
   A taxonomic revision of three mid-Telychian monoclimacids