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   Magna, Tomáš
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   Alkaline and carbonate-rich melt metasomatism and melting of subcontinental lithospheric mantle: Evidence from mantle xenoliths, NE Bavaria, Bohemian Massif
   Barium isotope abundances in meteorites: Implications for early Solar System evolution
   Calcium isotopes in lunar crust
   Combined Li-He isotopes in Iceland and Jan Mayen basalts and constraints on the nature of the North Atlantic mantle
   Combined Sr, Nd, Pb and Li isotope geochemistry of alkaline lavas from northern James Ross Island (Antarctic Peninsula) and implications for back-arc magma formation
   Fingerprinting sources of granitic rocks with Li isotopes
   Fingerprinting sources of orogenic plutonic rocks from Variscan belt with lithium isotopes and possible link to subduction-related origin of some A-type granites
   Geochemistry and genesis of behind-arc basaltic lavas from eastern Nicaragua
   Geochronology, geochemistry and tectonic evolution of the Western and Central cordilleras of Colombia
   Highly siderophile element geochemistry of upper mantle xenoliths from NE Bavaria
   Izotopové složení lithia ve vulkanitech Českého ráje a Doupovských hor
   Li izotopické zloženie granitov ZK ako odraz ich pôvodu a zdrojov
   Links between mantle metasomatism and lithium isotopes: Evidence from glass-bearing and cryptically metasomatized xenoliths from Mongolia
   Lithium - Light metallic traveller through crusts of the Earth and beyond
   Lithium-chronometric constraints on duration and kinetics of fluid-rock interaction
   Lithium in HED meteorites - implications for planetary crusts
   Lithium in tektites and impact glasses: Implications for sources, histories and large impacts
   Lithium isotope composition of lunar crust - Rapid crystallization and post-solidification quiescence?
   Lithium isotope evidence for pervasive metasomatism of sub-continental lithospheric mantle
   Lithium isotope fractionation at the soil-plant interface
   Lithium isotope fractionation in pegmatites - Function of bond length
   Lithium isotope fractionation in the terrestrial planets
   Lithium isotope perspective on the Iceland mantle plume
   Lítium v granitických horninách Západných Karpát
   New constraints on the lithium isotope compositions of the Moon and terrestrial planets
   Noble gas signature of Tertiary alkaline basalts and xenoliths from central Europe
   On the origin of Li isotope signatures in magmatic rocks from the Central Bohemian Plutonic Complex
   Sources and petrogenesis of magmatic rocks at the Variscan continetal margin, Central Bohemian Plutonic Complex - insights from lithium isotopes
   Sr, Nd, Pb and Li isotope geochemistry and Ar-Ar dating of alkaline lavas from northern James Ross Island (Antarctic Peninsula) - implications for back-arc magma formation
   Timing of ophiolite obduction in the Grampian orogen
   Timing of Palaeozoic magmatism in the Maggia and Sambucco nappes and paleogeographic implications (Central Lepontine Alps)
   Volcanic arcs fed by rapid pulsed fluid flow through subducting slabs