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   Majorowicz, J.
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   Chapter 8. Geophysical data
   Cold period before recent ground surface warming in Western Canada - evidence from temperature logs
   Cold period before the recent ground surface warming (GST) in Western Canada - evidence from inversions from temperature logs
   East to west retardation in the onset of the recent warming across Canada inferred from inversions of temperature logs
   Effect of postglacial warming seen in high precision temperature log deep into the granites in NE Alberta
   Gas hydrate formation and dissipation histories in the northern margin of Canada: Beaufort-Mackenzie and the Sverdrup Basins
   Gas hydrates stability and the dynamics of taliks in the Mackenzie Delta, Canada
   Geophysical evidence of a deep Weichselian permafrost in NE Poland
   Geothermal evidence of very low glacial temperatures on a rim of the Fennoscandian ice sheet
   Ground surface temperature history in Poland in the 16th-20th centuries derived from the inversion of geothermal profiles
   Heat flow variation with depth in Poland: evidence from equilibrium temperature logs in 2.9-km-deep well Torun-1
   Implication of post-glacial warming for Northern Alberta heat flow - correcting for the underestimate of the geothermal potential
   Inferred gas hydrate and permafrost stability history models linked to climate change in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin, Arctic Canada
   Inverse method for reconstruction of ground surface temperature history from borehole temperatures
   The last millennium climate change in northern Poland derived from well temperature profiles, tree-rings and instrumental data
   The Little Ice Age signature and subsequent warming seen in borehole temperature logs versus solar forcing model
   Measured versus simulated transients of temperature logs - a test of borehole climatology
   Methane gas hydrate stability models on continental shelves in response to glacio-eustatic sea level variations: examples from Canadian oceanic margins
   Modeling temperature profiles considering the latent heat of physical-chemical reactions in permafrost and gas hydrates: The Mackenzie Delta terrestrial case
   Paleoclimatic reconstructions in western Canada from borehole temperature logs: surface air temperature forcing and groundwater flow
   Past surface temperature changes as derived from continental temperature logs - Canadian and some global examples of application of a new tool in climate change studies
   Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin temperature-depth transients from repeated well logs: evidence of recent decade subsurface heat gain due to climatic warming
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    The Polish climate in the European context