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   Maluski, H.
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   The Ar-Ar ages from the West Sudetes (NE Bohemian Massif): constraints on the Variscan polyphase tectonothermal development
   The Deformed Metagranites of the Krkonose-Jizera Terrane: Controversies Between Protolith Ages and Stratigraphy
   Evidence for high-temperature diffusional creep preserved by rapid cooling of lower crust (North Bohemian shear zone, Czech Republic)
   Geochemistry and 40Ar-39Ar geochronology of the mafic metavolcanic rocks from the Rýchory Mountains complex (west Sudetes, Bohemian Massif): palaeotectonic significance
   Geochemistry and 40Ar-39Ar geochronology of the mafic metavolcanics from the Rýchory Mts. complex (West Sudetes, Bohemian Massif): paleotectonic significance
   Geochronical constraints on the tectonometamorphic development of the West Sudetes (Bohemian Massif)
   Orthogneisses and orbicular granites from the Český Krumlov Varied Group of the South Bohemian Moldanubicum: the oldest known magmatic rocks of the Bohemian Massif?
   Palaeozoic amalgamation of Central Europe: new results from recent geological and geophysical investigations
   Palaeozoic Polyphase Tectonothermal Record in the Krkonoše-Jizera Crystalline Unit (West Sudetes, Czech Republic)
   Variscan Polyphase Tectonothermal Development in the South Krkonoše Complex (W-Sudetes, Czech Republic) Deduced by AR-AR Age Determinations
   Variscan polyphase tectonothermal record in the West Sudetes (Bohemian Massif) - deduced from Ar-Ar ages