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   Meeting of the Czech Tectonic Studies Group (6. : 03.05.2001-06.05.2001 : Donovaly - Nízké Tatry, Slovensko)
Konference článku
    Geochemistry and composition of the Middle Devonian Srbsko Formation in Barrandian Area, Bohemian Massif: A trench or fore-arc strike-slip basin fill with material from volcanic arc of continental margin?
    Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous Bimodal Volcanic Rocks of the Ještěd Range Unit (W Sudetes): Constraints on the Development of the Variscan Orogenic Wedge
    Whole-rock geochemistry and Nd isotopic composition of metavolcanics from the Netvořice-Neveklov and Sedlčany-Krásná Hora Islets: their petrogenesis and implications for geodynamic processes at the Teplá-Barrandian-Moldanubian boundary