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   Melka, Radek
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   Complex structural and metamorphic evolution of the Svratka crystalline unit
   Contrasting behaviour of subduced continental crust: Comparision of the French Massif Central and the Bohemian Massif
   The development of banded mylonite structure during solid-state flow, example of "red gneiss", Erzgebirge
   Ductile shear zones and origin of orthogneisses in the thrust sheet of Choustník
   Evolution of nappes in the eastern margin of the Bohemian Massif: a kinematic interpretation
   The evolution of perpendicular linear fabrics in synkinematically emplaced tourmaline granite (central Moravia - Bohemian Massif)
   Fabric of porphyritic magmatites inferred from the preferred orientation of feldspar phenocrysts
   Kinematics of Variscan shear deformation in Moldanubian metamorphic Complex (SW Moravia)
   Melt enhanced deformation and development of banded structures in Gfoehl migmatites
   A method for determination of crystallographic preferred orinetation of feldspars in porphyry magmatic rocks
   Microstructural development of deformed granitic rocks in the Orlica-Klozko dome
   Minimální počet měřených ukazatelů konečné deformace pro výpočet deformační elipticity (empirický test)
   Periodical changes in fabric intensity during simple shear deformation and its implications for magnetic susceptibility anisotropy of sedimentary and volcanic rocks
   Perpendicular fabrics in the Orlické hory orthogneisses (western part of the Orlice-Sněžník Dome, Bohemian Massif) due to high temperature E-W deformational event and late lower temperature N-S overprint
   Polyphase intrusion of the Čistá stock (the Bohemian Massif) in relation to the regional tectonics
   Steady state flow and rheology of deformed Erzgebirge granitoids
   Structural development of the NW margin of the Bohemian Massif - summary of results in 1992
   Structural patterns in the area of Mariánské Lázně Complex and the Saxothuringian-Moldanubian boundary
   Structural study of the Čistá massif
   Structure. Allochthonous Units. Moravo-Silesian Zone
   Variscan superposed tectonics in marginal parts of the Bohemian Massif