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   Mining geophysics. Polish-Czech-Slovakian Symposium/26. : 23.09.1998-25.09.1998 : Wisla, Polsko)
Konference článku
    Contribution of Geophysics to the Study of Mining Subsidence Basins
    Geophysical Curses at VŠB - Technical University of Ostrava
    Geophysical Measurement Performed to Assess the Suitability of Insulation Objects in the Deposit of Medenec
    Instrumentation of the Local Seismic Stations HRMC and ZLHC (Northern Moravia)
    Measurement of Seismic Manifestations Evoked by Small Blasts in a Deep Mine
    Measurements of Primary Horizontal Stresses in the Czech Part of Upper Silesian Basin by Using the Borehole Wall Hydrofracturing
    A Survey of Blasting Efficiency
    Wavelet Transform: Presentation of Time-Frequency Decomposition for a Mining Induced Seismic Event