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   Navrátil, Tomáš, 1976-
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   Application of dynamic acidification models to a pair of heavily polluted catchments in the western Czech Republic - comparing MAGIC and SAFE predictions
   Contrasting chemical response to artificial acidification of five acidsensitive streams
   Deposition of lead in central Czech Republic, trends and impacts on the biogeochemical cycle
   Effect of fire on Hg pools in soils of forested ecosystem
   The influence of the tree composition and management practices on nutrient status of forest ecosystems: a comparative study between virgin beech-dominated and managed spruce stands
   Mercury contamination of soils in vicinity of historical mining area
   Mercury distribution and speciation at three contrasting sites in the Czech Republic
   Secondary soil phases controlling surface water chemistry during experimental acidification at the Bear Brook Watershed in Maine, USA
   Spatial and temporal changes in aluminum, iron, and base cations during an acidic episode at East Bear Brook, Maine USA
   Stream water recovery in the Czech Republic? - Results from the GEOMON network of catchments
   Twelve years of hydrochemical monitoring of the GEOMON network, Czech Republic
   Validation of modeling team solution and matrix porosity of granitic rocks