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   Peška, Pavel
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   Compressive and tensile failure of inclined wellbores and determination of in situ stress and rock strength
   Frictional analysis of induced earthquakes near 9 km depth at the KTB site: Evidence for the brittle/ductile transition?
   Geofyzikálně zjištěný výskyt neovulkanitů u Dobré Vody (tepelské krystalinikum)
   Gravity interpretation of sedimentary basins with density gradient
   In situ stress and rock strength determined from observations of compressive and tensile failures in deviated boreholes: optimizing wellbore trajectories to minimize wellbore failure
   In situ stress and rock strength in the GBRN/DOE Pathfinder well, South Eugene Island, Gulf of Mexico
   Lösung der umgekehrten Aufgabe in der angew andten Gravimetrie
   Observations of borehole breakouts and tensile wall-fractures in deviated boreholes: A technique to constrain in situ stress and rock strength
   Overcoring measurements in the Příbram mine area and their relation to the regional stress field
   A review of some methods for determining the in situ stress state from observations of borehole failure with applications to borehole stability and enhanced production in the North Sea
   Stress analysis at Sumatra and South America plate margins
   Stress and failure of inclined borehole, SFIB - an interactive system for stress estimation from wellbore failure
   Stress and failure of inclined boreholes SFIB version 2.0. 62. 62
   Stress field along the West Carpathian foredeep: Influence of crustal heterogeneities on the breakout formation
   Stress indications in the Bohemian Massif reinterpretation of borehole televiewer data
   Utilization and analysis of multiple modes of failure for estimation of in situ stress magnitudes
   Výpočet mezních charakteristik zdroje potenciálních polí