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   Pesonen, L. J.
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    Shock history analysis of the space material based on the coercivity distribution of the remanent magnetization
   Applications of the Meteorite Physical Properties Data Obtained Using Mobile Laboratory Facility
   Chondrule Magnetic Test of Avanhandava H4 Chondrite
   Daubreelite and troilite as a source of cometary and minor body magnetism in cold environment
   Evidence for Terrestrial Magnetic Contamination of the Chondritic Meteorites
   Identification of magnetic particulates in road dust accumulated on roadside snow using magnetic, geochemical and micro-morphological analyses
   Identification of the shock effects in the the Avanhandava H4 Chondrules Based on the coercivity spectra of the remanent magnetization
   Low-temperature magnetic properties of the Neuschwanstein EL6 meteorite
   Magnetic Paleofield of Avanhandava H4 Chondrite's Matrix and Chondrules - Implications on Magnetic Fields in Early Solar System
   Magnetic record of ordinary chondrite chondrules
   Magnetic Studies of Avanhandava H4 and Bjurbole L4 Chondrules
   Magnetic susceptibility as a tool to match asteroids and meteorites
   Petrophysical characteristic of Neuschwanden EL-6 chondrite
   Physical properties of meteorites - Applications in space missions to asteroids
   The possible scenarios of the Neuschwanstein meteorite history based on physical properties
   The possible scenarios of the Neuschwanstein's NRM origin
   Shock experiments in range of 10-45 GPa with small multidomain magnetite in porous targets
   Shock recovery experiments with artificially made magnetite pellets in the range of 10 to 45 GPa
   Testing the nature of remanent magnetization using REM(AF) method
   Ultrasonic Determination of Porosity in Homogeneous Ceramic Samples