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   Rajver, D.
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   Climate change in Slovenia inferred from borehole temperatures
   The climate record inverted from borehole temperatures in Slovenia
   Detection and quantification of local anthropogenic and regional climatic transient signals in temperature logs from Czechia and Slovenia
   Inverse method for reconstruction of ground surface temperature history from borehole temperatures
   The last glacial - interglacial temperature contrast directly from the present subsurface temperatures
   Opazovanje segrevanja podzemlja in povezanosti temperatur zraka in tal v Sloveniji
   Paleoclimate change inferred from borehole temperatures in Slovenia
   Repeated temperature logs from Czech, Slovenian and Portuguese borehole climate observatories
   Signature of the last ice age in the present subsurface temperatures in the Czech Republic and Slovenia
   Six years of ground-air temperature tracking at Malence (Slovenia): thermal diffusivity from subsurface temperature data