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   Rieder, Milan
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   Arsenic in iron disulfides in a brown coal from the North Bohemian Basin, Czech Republic
   Coexisting biotite and muscovite: an example from a Moinian mica schist at Glenfinnan, Scottish Highlands
   Constraints on the timing of events in the multiepisodic history of the Teplá-Barrandian complex, western Bohemia, from integration of deformational sequence and Rb-Sr isotopic data
   Crystal structures of two synthetic ferruginous cesium micas: crystal chemistry and implications for refinement techniques
   Crystallization history of a pyroxenite xenolith in a granulite interferred from chemical and single-crystal X-ray data
   Cs-ferriannite as a possible host for waste cesium: crystal structure and synthesis
   Cs-tetra-ferri-annite: High-pressure and high-temperature behaviour of a potential nuclear waste disposal phase
   Deformation of coordination polyhedra and their sheets in phyllosilicates
   Distortions of coordination polyhedra in phyllosilicates and their influence on the diffraction pattern
   Experimental mineralogical aspects of Re-Os molybdenite geochronometry
   Exsolution in niobian rutile from the pegmatite deposit at Greenbushes, Australia
   The Fe-Mo-Nb-S system: Phase relations of edgarite
   From shelled Ge nanowires to SiC nanotubes
   Geochemical and structural evolution of micas in the Rožná and Dobrá Voda pegmatites, Czech Republic
   Germanium muscovites with excess hydroxyl water, KAl2(Ge3-xAl1+xO10-x(OH)x(OH)2) and the question of excess OH in natural muscovites
   Hejtmanice, a manganese-dominant analogue of bafertisite, a new mineral
   High-temperature growth of anatase on kaolinite substrate
   Hydrothermal synthesis of Cs-Fe trioctahedral ferruginous micas
   Krystalochemie slíd a deformace jejich krystalových struktur
   Krystalová struktura syntetického CsAlSiO4
   Mica phases suistable for fixation of radionuclides of cesium and rubidium
   Mineral nomenclature in the mica group: the promise and the reality
   Mineralogy of dark mica from the Wiborg rapakivi batholith, southeastern Finland
   Mineralogy of dark micas from the Wiborg rapakivi batholith
   Mřížkové parametry z práškových dat
   Muscovites: d060 versus d331, 060 spacing: its use for geobarometric purpose
   Nomenclature of the micas
   Nomenclature of the micas
   Nomenclature of the micas
   Octahedral and tetrahedral sheets in micas : A review of refined structures
   The Os-Mo-S system, a crystal-chemical and experimental approach
   Pressure induced phase transition in synthetic trioctahedral Rb-mica
   The Re-Mo-S system: new data on phase relations between 400° and 1200° C
   Refinement of the crystal structure of zinnwaldite 2M1
   Refinement of the crystal structures of two "protolithionites"
   Refinement of the structure of "protolithionite" 3T
   Rietveld refinement of cassiterite: a caveat for meticulous sample preparation
   Rozpočet krystalochemických prvků na koncové členy
   Synthesis and crystal structure of the feldspathoid CsAlSiO4: An open-framework silicate and potentil nuclear waste disposal pahse
   Synthesis and structure of single-crystal marcasite
   The system Fe-Nb-S and its geological implications
   The system Os-Mo-S