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   Serpagli, Enrico
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   Eurytholia plates (Problematica) from the late Silurian of the Austrian Carnic Alps
   Late Ordovician graptolites from Sardinia: A preliminary record
   Lower Silurian Graptolites from Southwestern Sardinia
   The Perd'e Fogu outcrop: a classical exposure of 'Orthoceras limestone' in the Fluminimaggiore area (SW Sardinia)
   Problematic phosphatic plates from the Silurian-Early Devonian of Bohemia, Czech Republic
   The Silurian and early Devonian in south-western Sardinia : guide-book
   Silurian stratigraphy and paleogeography of north Gondwanan and Perunican Europe
   Upper Silurian and lowermost Devonian Bivalvia of Bohemian type from South-Western Sardinia