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   Slavík, Ladislav, 1974-
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   Comments on the GSSP for the basal Emsian stage boundary: the need for its redefinition
   Early Pragian conodont-based correlations between the Barrandian area and the Spanish Central Pyrenees
   The gross environmental phenomenon of the classical Pragian stage (hot lowstand)
   Lochkovian/Pragian GSSP revisited: evidence about conodont taxa and their stratigraphic distribution
   A new conodont zonation of the Pragian Stage (Lower Devonian) in the stratotype area (Barrandian, central Bohemia)
   A new Ludlow (Late Silurian) Spathognathodontidae (Conodonta) from Bohemia with incipient alternating denticulation
   Relationships between magnetic susceptibility of limestones and sea level change ("direct relationship and major crises on the earth")
   Revisions of conodont biostratigraphy across the Silurian-Devonian boundary
   Stratigraphically significant conodonts from the Lochkovian of the Požáry section (Barrandian area, Czechia)
   Vybrané stratigrafické problémy siluru a devonu Barrandienu z hlediska konodontové fauny