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   Straka, Pavel, 1947-
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   Aluminium complex in coal
   Chemical structure of coal substance
   Co-gasification of rubber with brown coal
   Co je uhlí? : znalost chemické struktury - základ pro dobré využití
   Hydrogen production by two-stage co-pyrolysis of bituminous coal-polymers mixtures
   Possible organometallic structures in the coal substance of Czech coals
   Representative structures of the Dukla coal from Upper Silesian Coal Basin
   Solidification of fluidized-bed ashes
   Structure of hard coals and its influence on coal conversion processes : the influence of the chemical and physical structure of maceral groups on the behavior of bituminous coal in conversion processes
   The study of higher ash lignite composition on affinity and volatility of toxic elements and substances for energetic utilization
   Temperature conditions of coal formation
   Use of caustobioliths for preparation of carbon materials and waste treatment