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   Suchý, V.
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   Blackened bioclasts and bituminous impregnations in the Koněprusy Limestone (Lover Devonian), the Barrandian area, Czech Republic: Implications for basin analysis
   Cementation and blackening of Holocene sands by peat-derived humates: A case study from the Great Dune of Pilat, Landes des Gascogne, Southwestern France
   Characterization of organic matter in dusts and fluvial sediments from exposed areas of dowtown Prague, Czech Republic
   Contact metamorphism of Silurian black shales by a basalt sill: geological evidence and thermal modeling in the Barrandian Basin
   Dispersed organic matter from Silurian shales of the Barrandian Basin, Czech Republic: optical properties, chemical composition and thermal maturity
   Dynamika emisí zemních plynů v Čechách
   Illite "crystallinity", maturation of organic matter and microstructural development associated with lowest-grade metamosphism of Neoproterozoic sediments in the Teplá-Barrandian unit, Czech Republic
   Nové poznatky o výskytu a možném původu přírodních uhlovodíků v Českém masívu
   Oil-bearing inclusions in vein quartz and kalcite and, bitumens in veins: Testament to multiple phases of hydrocarbon migration in the Barrandian basin (lower Palaeozoic), Czech Republic
   Organic petrology of the Low Paleozoic and Proterozoic black shales
   Podmínky vzniku autigenního puklinového křemene v barrandienských vápencích: pilotní studie z lomu Kosov u Berouna
   Possible effects of tectonic shear strain on phyllosilicates: a case study from the Kandersteg area, Helvetic domain, Central Alps, Switzerland
   Sediments of 2002 catastrophic flood event in the Praguearea, Czech Republic: depositional setting, composition and environmental aspects
   Thermal and tectonic history of the Barrandian Lower Paleozoic, Czech Republic: is there a fission-track evidence for Carboniferous-Permian overburden and pre-Westphalian alpinotype thrusting? (Critical comments on the paper by Ulrich Mann and Günter A. Wagner)
   Thermal history of sedimentary basins of the Czech Republic and its relation to tectonic processes