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   Vítek, Petr
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   Application of portable Raman instruments for fast and non-destructive detection of minerals on outcrops
   Assessment of Raman spectroscopy as a tool for the non-destructive identification of organic minerals and biomolecules for Mars studies
   Beta-carotene-A possible biomarker in the Martian evaporitic environment: Raman micro-spectroscopic study
   Evaluation of portable Raman spectrometer with 1064 nm excitation for geological and forensic applications
   Fast detection of sulphate minerals (gypsum, anglesite, baryte) by a portable Raman spectrometer
   Geochemie fullerenů
   Identification of beta-carotene in an evaporitic matrix-evaluation of Raman spectroscopic analysis for astrobiological research on Mars
   Microbial colonization of halite from the hyper-arid Atacama Desert studied by Raman spectroscopy
   The Miniaturized Raman System and Detection of Traces of Life in Halite from the Atacama Desert: Some Considerations for the Search for Life Signatures on Mars
   On the definition of Raman spectroscopic detection limits for the analysis of biomarkers in solid matrices
   Optimizing Conditions for Ultrasound Extraction of Fullerenes from Coal Matrices
   Raman spectra of organic acids obtained using a portable instrument at-5 degrees C in a mountain area at 2000 m above sea level
   Raman spectroscopy of the Dukhan sabkha: identification of geological and biogeological molecules in an extreme environment
   Rapid outdoor non-destructive detection of organic minerals using a portable Raman spectrometer
   Use of Raman spectroscopy for identification of compatible solutes in halophilic bacteria