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   Veverka, Ján
Autor článku
   Analysis of interaction of ultrasonic events
   Behaviour of rocks under various rates of loading
   Correlation Analysis of the Ultrasonic Emission from Loaded Rock Samples - the Study of Interaction of Microcracking Nucleation Centres
   Correlation analysis of ultrasound emission foci in loaded granites and migmatites
   Evaluation of critical stress-strain state of rocks by ultrasonic emission (laboratory studies)
   Evaluation of ultrasound emission foci in loading rock samples
   Influence of ultrasonic events space clustering on autocorrelation parameters of their time series
   The migration of acoustic emission foci in the dependence on acting load of rock samples
   Ocenění vzniku ultrazvukové emise na zatěžovaných horninách
   Ultrasonic emission as a tool for evaluation of rock instability - laboratory study