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   Vodní paprsek 2013 - výzkum, vývoj, aplikace (22.10.2013-24.10.2013 : Soláň, Karolinka, Česká republika)
Konference monografie
    Water Jet 2013 - Research, Development, Applications. Proceedings of the Conference on Water Jetting Technology
Konference článku
    Effects of pulsating water jet on materials with variously modified surface
    Influence of the transition area on efficiency of the water jet cutting
    Measurement and evaluation of pulsating water jet peening intensity
    The measurement of the velocity of abrasive particles at the suction part of the cutting head
    Ornamental stones surface finishing by pulsating jet: a project for an industrial application
    Preliminary analysis of volume material removal at bone cement disintegration by pulsating water jet
    Pulsed liquid jet generated by pulse multiplication technique
    Removal of polyurea spray coatings from the surface of cement concrete by water jet technology
    Research on effects of pulsating water jets on concrete
    Research on waterjet in Institute of Geonics of the AS CR from 1990 to 2006
    Study of behavior of concrete and cement based composite materials exposed to high temperatures